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ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice is fully stocked up and I couldn’t be more stoked to the max about it! What a flavor this one is. It is no surprise that Kilo is behind this entire line of premium e juices. Kilo actually makes Nasty Juice and go figure because this brand new line of e liquids is so freakin good! This flavor in particular was a huge standout for me.

ASAP Grape by Nasty Juice is a delicious blend of Grapes and Mixed Berries. This premium e liquid is already a huge hit in Malaysia. The inhale on this vape is a delicious grape flavor. The exhale is a full bodied mix of the grape flavor and the mixed berries. This is one of those juices that you wonder why it has taken so long for someone make a flavor like this. It is out of this world good and easily going to be added to my rotation of daily vapes. I could go all day vaping this delicious concoction.

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ASAP Grape by Nasty

ASAP Grape by Nasty